Angraizi Itni parh li k

Angraizi Itni parh li k angraizo ko bhi parha saktai hai aur Quran Itna nahi parha k Baap mar jaye to beta is ka janaza parha lai. Aitraaz Angraizi parhnai per nahi bal k Quran na parhnai per hai.

The Shifting Weathers

The shift in weathers Only a secret to be disclosed The islands of fear Show directions Through her painful eyes The light can now express .

Best home remedies for blackheads removal-

Lemon Juice Wide range of skin problems can be eradicated with the help of lemon juice. Removal of blackheads can be easily done with the help of lemon juice. There is a perfect procedure of applying the lemon juice. First of all take a container and drop 4 drops of … Continue reading


Ingredients:  •Take 1 tbsp of gram flour  •2 tsp of raw milk  •2-3 drops of lime juice.  Method:  Mix all ingredients well and apply it on your face then wash just after 15 minutes. 

Tummy Reducing Cream (پیٹ کم کرنا)

Tips By Dr. Khurram’s  Ingredients:  Lanolin …….4tbsp  Bees wax…..2tbsp  Emulsifying wax….2tbsp  Sunflower oil……5-6tbsp  Water…..6tbsp  Glycerin……2tbsp  Borax cream…..2tbsp  Method:  Mix all the indgredients so that it becomes a cream. Then apply it on the tummy area. Cover the area with a malmal cloth. Along with this cream also follow the diet … Continue reading