Kuch Mufeed Gharelu Nuskhai

Kuch faidamand Gharailu Nuskhai jo ap k bahot kaam aye gai

Homemade Beauty Tips For Lips In Urdu

Kalonji ( Black Seeds )

Kalonji is commonly known as Black seeds. In Scientific name it is called as Nigella Sativa. Kalonji used as a spice in different cuisines. It has a bitter in taste and smell. But Kalonji is very useful and healthy for everyone. It is a cure of cancer, leukemia, anemia, HIV … Continue reading

How to Prevent Back Pain ?

Losing Weight: Losing weight will help to relieve the pressure on your spine in a great way. If you have a large abdomen the weight will pull your lumbar spine forward and put extra pressure on the vertebrae and ligaments leaving them more prone to injury. Sleep Well: There is … Continue reading

5 Nutritional Benefits Of Honey

We all know that honey is a sweet ingredient but we never both to think about the main benefits of honey at any stage of time. Honey consists of glucose, water and oil that can come across as much vital for the skin problems and even for the sunburn removal … Continue reading