Agar Kehnai Wala Yaqeen se Khaali ho

Agar Kehnai Wala Yaqeen se Khaali ho to Sunnai wala taseer se mehroom rehta hai.

Respect your father otherwise – Apnai Walid ka Ahataram kerai warna.

Tujh ko Khabar

Hath Kanto se kr le Zakhmi

Jab Kabi Bikhro Ghy

Natural Home Remedies for Facial Hair Removal

Whether you have unwanted hair over your upper lips or chin, on cheeks or forehead, facial hair will remain like that- unwanted! A glowing face with bleached golden hair too doesn’t look that appealing. You also don’t want to shave these facial hair. After all, women love to have soft … Continue reading

Simple cake

Ingredients All purpose flour (maida) 1 1/2 CUPS Eggs 3 nos. Butter 3/4 cup Sugar 1 cup Baking powder 1 1/2 tsp Vanilla essance. 2-3 drop. Cooking Directions Swift baking powder and all purpose flour 3-4 times . Beat butter and sugar until creamy. Add eggs one by one and … Continue reading

Paan Kulfi

Ingredients Whole milk 1-1/2 liter Betel leaves 8, 10 Fresh cream 100 ml Powdered milk 1/2 cup Corn flour 2 tbsp (dissolved in 2 tbsp water) Sugar 1 cup or to taste Green cardamom 8-10 pods Fennel seed 2 tsp Nutmeg powder ½ tsp Pistachio 2 tbsp(coarsely chopped) Gulkand 2-3 … Continue reading

strawberry banana smoothie for ramzan special

Ingredients: half cup washed strawberries, 2 banana medium size, 1 cup milk,one tb spoon honey, half cup ice cubes, 3 tb spoon sugar, 3 tb spoon yogurt, 3 tb spoon vanilla ice cream. Method: aik blender mai strawberies blend kren phir une spain kr lyn phir jo juice ho ga … Continue reading

Raat K Us Pehar Se