Hath Mein Lekar Kagaj Ki Kashti

Boondon Se Bana Hua Chota Sa Samunder Laharon Se Bhigi Choti Si Bashti Chalo Dhoondho Barish Mein Bachpan Ki Yaaden Hath Mein Lekar Kagaj Ki Kashti  


Saleeqa Ho Agar Bheegi Palkoon Ko Parne Ka ‘A’, To Behte Hue Ansoon Aksar Baat Kerte Hain.

Barish Ka Ye Mousam Koch Yaad Dilata Hai

Barish Ka Ye Mousam Koch Yaad Dilata Hai Kisi Kay Saath Honay Ka Ehsaas Dilata Hai Fiza Bhi Sard Hai Yaadain Bhi Taaza Hai Ye Mousam Kisi Ka Pyaar Dil May Jagata Hai Bheegi Hoye Raatain Khamosh Si Baatain Aisay Main Koch Kaho Tu Her Lafz Madhem Ho Jata Hai … Continue reading

Just You……

Autumn become spring for mine Whenever stars of your memory shine Then doors of heart open And ocern of love desires TO HAVE A PERSON LIKE YOU…… When something like this appears in mine I can’t bound my tears You are going up and up stairs Becoming moon of my … Continue reading

Never Say GoodBye

I feel the time is getting close, When we will have to part. Ill show that I’ll miss you, With last words from my heart. We must be dreaming, For it has gone to fast. The time we have spent together, Will soon be in our past. I’ll forget this … Continue reading

Koi Deewana Kehta Hai

Koi deewana kehta hai,koi paagal samajhta hai magar dharti ki bechaini ko bus pagal samajhta hai mein tujhse door kaisa hoon, tu mujhse door kaisi hai ye tera dil samajhta hai, yaa mera dil samajhta hai Mauhabbat ek ehsasson ki pawan si kahaani hai kabhi kabira deewana tha, kabhi meera … Continue reading

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Bridal Mehndi Designs


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